Quirky Indie Stories about Feelings!

These are projects I've worked on over the years. I can't boast great things about my storytelling, but I have fun regardless!

Original Webcomics

Highly Experimental

2011-Present; "colourful" language sometimes. This story is a mix of casual sci-fi and slice of life following Geno, a conflicted young adult, his new socially-awkward friend Terrie, and the mysteries surrounding their community and the school centered within it. A Kickstarter campaign was funded in 2015 for a printed book of the first 3 chapters and one day I'll have an online shop to start selling them again!

Azu and the Adventures of...

8-page pilot as of 2019; kid-friendly. An adventure story where a feisty young sorceress in training named Azu goes on treasure-hunting adventures with her chameleon best friend Shorey. Azu is far less enthusiastic about magic than Shorey, but treasure is treasure, right? I'm thinking of making an indie game of the full story some day, but I gotta learn how to make indie games first.

Fan Comics

Immortal Fool

2009 - Present; Superstar Saga AU following a bean scientist and a turtle wizard


2018; Short beach adventure with the Plague of Shadows gang

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