Webcomics and Artwork of C A Melendez

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Original Webcomics

Highly Experimental

2011-Present; Updates on weekends; "colourful" language sometimes. This story is a mix of casual sci-fi and slice of life following Genova, a conflicted young adult, his new socially-awkward friend Terrie, and the mysteries surrounding their community and the school centered within it.

Azu and the Adventures of...

2016 No set update schedule yet; kid-friendly. An adventure story where a feisty young sorceress in training named Azu goes on treasure-hunting adventures with her chameleon best friend Shorey. Azu is far less enthusiastic about magic than Shorey, but she has to up her game as rivals pop up going after the same treasures!

Fan Comics

NEET Universe

2016; Updates on weekends; adult humor. Comics based on the anime series Osomatsu-san (or Mr. Osomatsu). Choromatsu begins to have a social life that could possibly rival his youngest brother's. Characters belong to Fujio Akatsuka/Studio Pierrot

Immortal Fool

2010-Present; On hiatus. Comics based on Super Mario games, mainly Superstar Saga. Basically a lot of jokes and ideas I've posted on social media manifesting into a story of sorts. In today's internet society, it is what one would call "A Headcanon Shitpost Festival." Characters belong to Nintendo/Alphadream


I haven't set up a Gallery yet. You can see my works, for now, on my DeviantArt or Tumblr Art Tag

Social Media


I'm an artist from Queens NY, posting art on the internet since 1999 and became a web cartoonist in 2011. Graduated from Queens College with a studio art graduate degree. I like drawing cute stuff.

I can be reached via email at cammiluna@gmail.com

Artist Alley History
Otakon 2004, 2005, 2013, 2014, 2015
Puerto Rico Comic Con 2015
Special Edition NYC 2015
NY Wintercon 2015

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