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ANYC Stream Schedule

  • Wednesday 11/18/2020 @ 12p PST - Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Anniversary stream
  • Friday, 11/20/2020 @ 12p PST - Art Stream


Originally, I was going to set up a Storenvy shop with prints and graphic novels to sell, but as COVID-19 cases are on the rise again, the risk is too high on my health to make trips to the post office (I cannot drive). Shop will be postponed to a later date, but I do offer digital commissions! "Please Understand"

For commission inquiries, email me at, or send me a DM via Twitter or Instagram. I ignore all Tumblr DMs.

Fine Print: Payment is required up front. Upon agreement of commission details and terms, you will be sent a SECURE Paypal invoice of charges to be paid. Paypal account is not required to pay an invoice. Types of artwork accepted includes fanart, original characters, furries, and simple designs of other types of characters. Characters more complex in design will be accepted if I can simplify the design to fit my style. See my gallery below for examples of my work across different fandoms. References of the characters you want drawn, especially OCs, and at least the vaguest ideas of how you want them posted or what you'd like them to be doing, would be really, really helpful and can speed up the commission turnaround. Should commission turnaround time be delayed, either for personal reasons or high queue, you are welcome to ask for updates.

As a thank you for your understanding, Traditional art commissions can be mailed for free to customers in the USA when it's safe for me to do physical mailings. A high-resolution scan of the completed art piece will be emailed digitally to you upon completion of the piece, and you will be notified when mailing the original is possible. International pieces, if requested, can be mailed at a shipping discount pending shipping costs when mailing is possible. Shipping will not be charged at time of commission request regardless if you'd like it shipped internationally, as there is no guaranteed timeframe of when shipping is possible.

Original Webcomics

Highly Experimental
2011-Present; "colourful" language sometimes. This story is a mix of casual sci-fi and slice of life following Geno, a conflicted young adult, his new socially-awkward friend Terrie, and the mysteries surrounding their community and the school centered within it.

Azu and the Adventures of...
8-page pilot as of 2019; kid-friendly. An adventure story where a feisty young sorceress in training named Azu goes on treasure-hunting adventures with her chameleon best friend Shorey. Azu is far less enthusiastic about magic than Shorey, but treasure is treasure, right?

Fan Comics

Immortal Fool
2009 - Present; Superstar Saga AU following a bean scientist and a turtle wizard

2018; Short beach adventure with the Plague of Shadows gang


A professional art portfolio will come when I have industry work examples to upload. For now, here are some of my favorite pieces.

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