My name is Carmen Ana Melendez but I also go by "Cammi" or "Cameron." I am a comic author, illustrator, graphic designer, and impromptu tech support person from New York City. Most projects are personal hobby or freelance, so the visual contents of this page are largely of fan art. Primary art mediums are marker and watercolor, but I can also do digital works via Procreate, Clip Studio, and Paint Tool SAI.

Personal life-wise, I enjoy playing video games, stories, travelling when possible, and taking care of my Kissing Gourami named Kirby.

Currently, I am employed full time in Marketing and IT, but am looking to retire from IT forever and bring my marketing and/or design talents into the gaming or other creative industry. I bring with me over 15 years of social media engagement, website management, print design, and convention appearance PR. I have also published my own graphic novel, made possible by a successful Kicktarter campaign.I will also take artist work if my art is suitable for any. I have some samples below, and more on my Instagram account.

Feel free to contact

Original Webcomics

Highly Experimental
2011-Present; "colourful" language sometimes. This story is a mix of casual sci-fi and slice of life following Geno, a conflicted young adult, his new socially-awkward friend Terrie, and the mysteries surrounding their community and the school centered within it.

Azu and the Adventures of...
8-page pilot as of 2019; kid-friendly. An adventure story where a feisty young sorceress in training named Azu goes on treasure-hunting adventures with her chameleon best friend Shorey. Azu is far less enthusiastic about magic than Shorey, but treasure is treasure, right?


A professional art portfolio will come when I have industry work examples to upload. For now, here are some of my favorite pieces.


@Cammiluna (contains art, banter, and trashposting
@TaranzaBugsMe (Art Retweets)

Cammiluna (Artwork, Art supply talk, and general life photos)

Cammiluna (drawings, art rants and CantLetYouBrewThat (reblog blog)

Cammiluna (I have a channel, but I don't know what kind of channel I'd like to run)